UCLA FlowCytometry Core Facility

General Steps

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Flow Cytometry Core policies

  2. For each project fill out the Biosafety Questionnaire and return it to Zoran Galic.

  3. Read appropriate staining protocols

  4. Make an appointment with or call the Core Lab supervisor, Alex J. Garcia at (310) 206-7289.
    Please be prepared to provide a description of your research project in order to discuss your experiment and flow cytometry needs.  Grant information for the project is also required by the Core to fulfill its granting agencies and reporting responsibilities.

  5. Schedule an appointment using the iLab system by navigating to the link found in the Appointment tab.

  6. Bring your samples to the Core Lab to have them run/sorted (You can run them yourself after taking the instructional class); cell sorting always requires assistance from core staff. Billing account information must be provided before the start of experiments.

  7. Publish your results and acknowledge the Flow Cytometry Core.